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One of the key components in a successful implementation of digital dental technology is the partner you choose to supply you with the technology and just as importantly, implement and support you in the ongoing use of the technology in your organization.

Axsys is an organization of practical, innovative and dedicated professionals that know our products well. Our extensive in-house technical resources have hundreds of man years of experience putting CAD, CAM and CNC solutions to work for literally thousands of customers. This allows us to draw on a wide range of industry and systems experience while supporting you in the use of our products.

The knowledge of our people and our commitment to Customer Service is second to none in the industry. You can count on Axsys to supply you with the best and most effective solutions for your business, assure their timely and successful implementation and to be there for you when you need assistance in the ongoing use of our solution components.

Not Just Another Product Vendor

In addition to providing help desk and Web-based support, Axsys has developed a wide variety of product specific Customer Service Support Programs.

Each Customer Service Support Program is designed to enable customers to realize the maximum return on their software investment by providing the on-site and off-site services of an Application Engineer experienced in the practical use of the CAD/CAM solutions provided by Axsys.

Each Program is designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible, maximize the users knowledge of the software we have supplied, and provide the fastest possible return on your investment.

Not just a product vendor, Axsys delivers true value with our pre-sale and post-sale consultations, evaluations, support, training and customer service.

Milling Template Development

Axsys prides itself in its experience and knowledge of manufacturing. We understand that the manufacturing solutions we provide have little value without the ability to effectively run the machine tools that do the work.

Axsys has the technology and expertise to provide industry-leading support, un-matched by any distributor of dental solutions in North America. We pride ourselves in having the most knowledgeable sales and support teams in the business. In addition to Digital Dental Manufacturing, our Executive Management, Sales and Service teams have well over 300 man years of industry knowledge in milling, turning, wire and ram EDM machining in applications such as mold/die/pattern, fixture design, manufacturing and production part manufacturing.

Our technology and expertise enables us to model any machine tool including geometry, axis limits, and kinematics to determine the precise load on a cutting tool, amount of stock being removed and collision check against any part of a machine, fixture, part, cutting tool or holder.

This enables us to provide support to end-users in the development, modification and delivery of safe, efficient machining templates from a remote location- with extremely short turnaround times.

"Your training facility was great and I really enjoyed the laid-back, comfortable atmosphere at Axsys."
– Mark Strohbehn, Elite Dental Arts


We take training very seriously. Axsys ensures that your organization maximizes its investment in software technology with world-class training. With emphasis on real-world functionality, Axsys Training Specialists evaluate the needs of attending users and focus their curriculum appropriately. Following training, support is available to reinforce concepts learned in class.

When your organization has unique requirements, Axsys will develop custom classes to address your specific needs. This customization will include pre-training evaluation by an application engineer and customer-specific curriculum. In addition, post-training and on-the-job support will be provided to reinforce learning. We can deliver your custom training solution at your site or at our facilities. This guarantees a total focus on your training needs in a location that is the most cost-effective.

Serious Training in a Relaxed Environment

Establishing an environment conducive to learning is a critical aspect of starting a training session off on the right foot.

You can be assured that participants walk in to a relaxed atmosphere and an environment that is welcoming and ready. Each of our large, individually temperature controlled training rooms are easily accessible, including to those with limited mobility. Equipped with high performance workstations to able each student to utilize their own workstation during training. Versamill machine operation training includes "hands-on" instruction in our research and development center. Here attendees will program, set-up and run various cases appropriate for their application- these can even include some of their own representative cases.

Each training room is free from distractions and noise while convenience is provided through readily accessible restrooms, telephones, snacks and lunch accommodations, helping to ensure that participants return on time following breaks or lunch.

Retreat From Stress

Our facility can provide an atmosphere of relaxation while encouraging interaction and education. Students are provided the opportunity to make use of our outdoor break area which features gardens with a waterfall and koi pond. Patio tables are situated next to your water feature where students can take a break or enjoy their lunch. The stresses of the day can easily be alleviated by the sound of the cascading water leading to the pond thereby better preparing them for continued instruction.

Surprisingly, there are numerous studies which suggest that adding water features in your property can provide many therapeutic benefits. The sounds of waterfall can aid in relieving the pent up stress and anxiety that build up during a trying day of learning.

Conveniently Located

The Axsys Corporate Training Facility is conveniently located less than one mile from the Wixom Road and Interstate 96 Freeway interchange where there are many choices for dining, shopping and entertainment.

Additionally, we are positioned in the midst of many competitively priced hotels many of which we have arranged discounted rates for our students.

Please give us a call or Contact Us if you need further assistance with directions or hotel recommendations. We are certain this will be one of the most trouble-free, and convenient training travel experiences for you and your associates.

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Tools for Online Learning When the Classroom Closes

As dental practices, labs and milling centers close or see dramatic decreases in business in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Axsys team is here for you. We’re committed to helping ensure our users have the tools they need to not only implement new technology but use any new time that is available to create more efficient toolpath's that can increase the profitability of the companies they own or work for.

Axsys Technical Educational Services has launched two new programs though our Virtual Academy to enable us to leverage our over 800 man-years of industrial digital manufacturing experience to provide true CAM and machining training to the dental community. This training is truly unique in the dental business and provides incremental skills development to complement our traditional classroom training offerings remotely from your home, office or lab locations.

  • Internet-based Distance Learning Workshops
  • Instructor-led “Power-Assist” internet-based training to front-end our traditional classroom-based training curriculum

We're confident that we can significantly improve your bottom line to help see you through these days—while creating a more prosperous future.

Make the most of this time to sharpen your skills and to get you up-to-speed before the rush of pent-up demand. Now through May 31, any person or company participating in one of our Distance Learning Workshops will receive a full-year subscription to all our workshops as they are released to the community.

We encourage you to tell your friends, co-workers, ownership, and colleagues at other companies about these programs so that they too may enjoy the benefits of these exciting new programs.

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