Versamill AX400HT Precision Dental Machining Center

Industrial Quality in a Small Footprint

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Don’t let the small footprint fool you. Constructed utilizing the technology found in “full-frame” CNC industrial machines, the Versamill AX400HT is designed to perform reliably with high precision for the long term.

This purpose-built, Open Source 5-axis mill is designed to provide owners with maximum flexibility and versatility in a dental manufacturing system. The Versamill AX400HT can accept input from popular dental design programs and process virtually any dental milling materials including wax, zirconia, acrylic, composites, glass-ceramics and others.

The strength and rigidity of the Versamill AX400HT coupled with the Versamill exclusive, high-torque spindle and the undercut machining capability of full 5-Axis control provides superior surface finishes, faster cycle times and greater tool life while allowing you to machine virtually any material with the minimum amount of bench time.

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Extreme Rigidity, Precision & Vibration-free Operation

Versamill features like heavy-duty aluminum-alloy frame, .5kW spindle, large diameter pre-loaded ballscrews, closed-loop drive system, linear guideways, zero stack tolerance rotary axes with heavy-duty gear reducers, and more enable you to quickly manufacture restorations with perfect fits and razor-sharp margins with the absolute minimum of profit-robbing, error-prone post-machining hand work.


class-leading TORQUE 100,000 rpm AC SPINDLE


Flex-resisting tool shank diameter


WEIGHT WITH heavy-duty aluminum frame

Quality Construction = Reliability, Accuracy & Low Maintenance

High-quality features not typically found in competitive products assures dependable production of metal & soft material restorations of superior, quality for years to come.

The Basics

  • 5-Axis dental milling center capable of 5-Axis simultaneous machining
            including undercuts.
  • Closed-loop position control assures accuracy and eliminates frequent
            machine calibrations.
  • Machine wide variety of materials - including: zirconia, glass-ceramics,
             wax, Ultimate, titanium* & more.
  • Ideal for the production of bridges, copings, inlays, onlays
            crowns, models, and more— even titanium abutments*.
  • Long tool life and superior surface finishes due to extreme stability and
            minimum vibration.
  • Flexible universal fixturing for quick adaption to different materials and
            restoration types.
  • Integrated HSM machine control.
  • Open architecture design compatible with industry standard software for
            easy integration into a complete manufacturing solution.
  • * Not recommended for continuous-duty machining of titanium abutments

Complete Solution

The Versamill AX400HT based digital dental manufacturing system supports the manufacturing of multiple copings, crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, abutments, dental bars and implant bridges.

The Axsys team of experts can develop a custom open solution of hardware, software, and services to meet your unique goals and objectives. Each Solution includes everything you need to achieve maximum utilization in the shortest possible timeframe.

Components of your solution can include:

  • Dental CAD and/or Dental CAM software.
  • Scanners.
  • 3D dental printers.
  • Sintering ovens.
  • On-site training & support.
  • Custom fixtures.
  • Consumable products.
  • Raw materials & more.

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Versamill AX400HT Specifications

Travel Limits (X,Y & Z Axis) 145mm X-Axis, 110mm Y-Axis, 85mm Z-Axis
Travel Limits (A & B Axis) ± 180 Degrees A-Axis, ± 35 Degrees B-Axis
Maximum Feedrate (X,Y & Z Axis) 6,000 mm/min
Repeatability ±5.0µm
Spindle 80,000 RPM .5kW Air Cooled
Automatic Tool Changer 10 Tools w/Tool Breakage Sensor
Rectangular Material Block 100mm X 100mm X 40mm
Circular Material Block 98.3Ø Disc
Machine Dimensions 545mm (W) X 590mm (L) X 680mm (H)
Installation Space 1220mm (W) X 900mm (L) X 2030mm (H)
Machine Stand Dimensions 545mm (W) X 590mm (L) X 950 (H)
Weight 100 kg
Drive Mechanism Ball Screw
Way System Linear Guide
Power 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 5.5 amps
Clamp Diameter/Tool Shank 4.0mm

The Benefits of Wet Milling Zirconia

Contrary to claims to the contrary, there are many benefits to wet-machining zirconia. These benefits extend beyond the added expense and noise associated with the required filtration and vacuum systems required for dry milling applications. These vacuum and filtration systems, while removing a large amount of the caustic zirconia dust generated by the machining process, do not remove all of the dust- the balance of which becomes air born in the lab or dental office environment and creeps into machine components thereby compromising or shortening their operational lives.

Zirconia sludge (the mixture of zirconia and water) is by far easier to deal with than dry zirconia dust, does not infiltrate machine components and is significantly less destructive to machine components than caustic and abrasive dry zirconia swarf (by-products of the machining process).

Users not only enjoy longer machine and tool life, lower operating expense, and reduced system maintenance, but also realize the benefits of highly detailed and lustrous post-sinter units, superior surface finishes and sharp margins without extensive margin reinforcement- “do-overs" due to chipped or blown out margins are very rare and if present, usually attributed to worn tooling.

We recommend washing/cleaning out the machining area, of any mill, machining any material, be done daily as part of a preventative maintenance program. It does not take very long and is not difficult to do. Flushing with a water hose works well. Use of compressed air should be done carefully with low pressure, especially with "dry" machines that do not have adequate sealing of the machining enclosure.

Do this and the machine will reward you with smooth operation and longer, care-free life.

Zirconia Drying Times
Single (70°C)): 15 minutes+
Single (140°C)): 5-10 minutes
2-4 units (70 °C): 40 minutes+
2-4 units (140°C): 25 minutes+
5+ units (70°C): 50 minutes+
5+ units (140°): 25 minutes+
Specification Versamill 5X-300D Versamill 4X-100 Versamill 5X-200
Travel Limits (X, Y Z Axis) 145 x 110 x 85 250 x 116 x 110 330 x 146 x 145
Travel Limits (Rotary Axis) ±180° B-Axis, ±30° A-Axis 360° A-axis ±180° A-axis, ±30° B-axis
Number of Axes 5 Simultaneous 4 Simultaneous 5 Simultaneous
Accuracy ±10.0µm ±5.0µm ±5.0µm
Repeatability ±5.0µm ±3.0µm ±3.0µm
Automatic Tool Changer 12 Tools w/Tool Breakage Sensor 8 Tools w/Tool Breakage Sensor 15 Tools w/Tool Breakage Sensor
Spindle 60,000, 0.5kW, Air Cooled 60,000 rpm, 1.4kW, Air Cooled 60,000 rpm, 3.0kW, Air Cooled
Circular Material Block 98.3Ø Disc 98.3Ø Disc 98.3Ø Disc
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H) 540mm x 580mm x 630mm (machine only) 623mm x 780mm x 1735mm 745mm x 830mm x 1765mm
Installation Space (W x L x H) 1220mm x 900mm x 1800mm (w/optional table) 1100mm x 800mm x 2005mm 1220mm x 900mm x 2025mm
Axis Drive System Stepper motors, ball screws w/anti-backlash ballnuts & linear guides Servo motors, ball screws w/anti-backlash ballnuts & linear guides Servo motors, ball screws w/anti-backlash ballnuts & linear guides
Weight 90 kg 300 kg 405 kg
Gross Weight (For Shipment) 175 kg 365 kg 475 kg
Drive Mechanism Ball Screw Ball Screw Ball Screw
Way System Linear Guide s Linear Guide Linear Guide
Power Supply 120-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase,5.5 amps 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 15 amps 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 15 amps
Clamp Diameter/Tool Shank 4.0mm 6.0mm 6.0mm
Materials Zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, Pekkton, Nano-composits, Lava Ultimate, Resin, Wax and more Cr-Co, Ni-Cr, Titanium, Zirconia, PMMA, Glass-ceramics, Lava Ultimate, Resin, Wax and more Cr-Co, Ni-Cr, Titanium, Zirconia, PMMA, Glass-ceramics, Lava Ultimate, Resin, Wax and more.
Indications Crowns, Copings, Bridges, inlays/onlays, Splints, hybrid abutments, hybrid bars & more. Inlays and Onlays,  Crowns, Copings, Bridges, Custom Abutments & more. Inlays and Onlays,  Crowns, Copings, Bridges, Custom Abutments, Bar Overdentures & more.

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