Axsys Dental Solutions Announces Availability of New Line of PMMA CAD/CAM Discs and Acrylic Teeth

May 02, 2017

Axsys Dental Solutions Announces Availability of New Line of PMMA CAD/CAM Discs and Acrylic Teeth

Wixom, MI. – March 25, 2017 Further expanding its portfolio of products, Axsys Dental Solutions, a leading supplier of digital dental manufacturing solutions, has entered into a distribution agreement with Polident d.o.o of . Volčja Draga, Slovenia to provide its dental PMMA discs and new line of anatomical teeth - REF-LINE designed for the most demanding cases.

Axsys offers PMMA CAD/CAM discs from Polident for use in the fabrication of:

  • Temporary crowns and bridges
  • On-model verification of restorations 
  • Digitally designed highly esthetic and functional dentures
  • Castable frameworks for metal casting and castable layers for press ceramic.
  • Stents for implant planning made from Xray visible material
  • High-quality dental models

High end anatomically shaped multi-layer tooth line for new generation prostheses

The new REF-LINE line of artificial acrylic teeth is based on new production technology and composite acrylic material that offers improved resistance to mechanical wear and higher hardness, natural color and shape.
REF-LINE line is characterized by:

  • Natural moraphology of tooth surface
  • Incisal cracks and minor irregularities
  • Transparent incisal area
  • Visible mamelons in the dentin area
  • Intensive chromaticity of the gingival region
  • Including cervical wider shapes of tooth designs for covering metal structures in implants and partial prostheses
  • Obscured fissural zones on the occlusal surface
  • Anatomically designed pronounced cusps assure the maintaining of the natural tooth appearance and structure in individual matching with the antagonists
  • Perfection of tooth design
  • Retention opening on the lower part of transcanine teeth provides for easier and faster work

Steve Braykovich, President of Axsys Incorporated stated, “We are very happy to partner with such a young focus-driven company to supply our expanded line dental materials and denture solutions”. The addition of Polident products enables us to provide even more high-quality solutions to our customers at attractive market prices”. Braykovich added.

More information about Axsys’ Dental Solutions or Polident products can be found at:

About Polident

Since 1958 Polident have been offering top quality dental products to provide the best possible treatment and aesthetic solutions.

The combination of dental and chemical engineering, commercial skills and 55 years of experience has resulted in an excellent product that is proudly offered in over 50 countries around the world.

The young, flexible and goal-oriented Polident management team oversees the entire production process – from design to the final product resulting in First Class quality products that sand alongside the leading global companies in the dental industry.

About Axsys Dental Solutions

The Axsys Dental Solutions Division focuses on providing Open, Digital Dental Solutions to Dental Professionals throughout North and South America. Their products include a full line of CAD/CAM/Scanning software, Scanners, Milling Machines, Tooling, Furnaces, Hard & Soft Materials and FDA cleared implant components.

They have the unique ability to leverage over 40 years of CAD, CAM, and manufacturing experience and its relationships with software, material and machine suppliers to provide dental labs and milling centers with the open products and services necessary to optimize dental restoration design and manufacturing processes and to compete and be profitable in today's digital dentistry world.