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Whip Mix Sintering Furnaces

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Pro 200 Porcelain Furnaces

The Pro 200 and the Pro Press 200 Porcelain Furnaces are affordable yet intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. They have advanced cycles for e.max®, In-Ceram®, Wol-Ceram®, Captek™, sintered alloys and advanced porcelain products. The Pro 200 Series is completely lead free in compliance with the international RoHS directive.

All Pro Series Porcelain Furnaces come standard with a Vacuum Pump and a 3-Year Warranty or 3,750 muffle hours on unit (US & Canada only). Should the unit ever need servicing, direct access to a service technician is provided, greatly reducing the turnaround time on repairs.

So, when you buy Whip Mix Porcelain furnaces, you can be sure you’re making an investment in the long-term success of your laboratory.

Advanced Technology

Programs & Temperature
  • 200 open programs with
           capability of expansion.
  • Extra insulation saves energy
  • Rated to 2200° F (1200° C).
Program Navigation

Selection knob with built-in enter switch allows for faster, convenient navigation and program entry.

USB Port

Transfer programs and upgrades with a standard Flash Drive (included).

Master Suite Software

New graph-based application enables users to create, modify, print and transfer programs to furnaces directly from computers.

Embedded LED Lights

Providing the user with additional visual indicators of the furnace status.

Easy to Read LCD Screen
  • 4 line 20 characters LCD
  • Displays many of the critical
           monitoring elements.
Patented Quick-Cool Jet

Cools the muffle twice as fast allowing faster program recycle time.

Temperature Accuracy
  • Factory set 3 point
           temperature calibration for
           unsurpassed accuracy.
  • 2 stage firing cycles for
  • Upgraded Thermocouple for
           improved temperature


11"W x 16"D x 21"H
Power Consumption
1200W - Furnace Alone 1400W - With Pump
Power Supply
120 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Muffle Windings
Quartz Tubing
Muffle Chamber
3 ¾” W x 2 ½” H x 3 ¾” D
Maximum Temperature
Shipping Weight
59 lbs.

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Why Temperature Control is Critical in Dental Ceramic Firing:

From Feldspathic porcelain to lithium disilicate
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Case Study
Making the Right Choice:

How Gundrum Dental Labs Chose the Pro Series Furnace for their Lab
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Whip Mix Offers You the Highest Quality Furnaces

Backed by a team of expert professionals for superior support.


The new Whip Mix® SinterPro Sintering Furnace takes sintering to the next level. Multiple programs and multi-stage sintering allow for optimization throughout the process. SinterPro is easy to program, easy to use, and versatile. 30 user defined programs and shallow and deep trays that can be used in any combination make SinterPro a valuable addition in any laboratory setting. Its many advanced features give SinterPro true “Set and Forget” ease of use.

30 user-defined programs and four stage sintering allow for optimization of firing programs.

Two trays with different heights give the furnace capacity real versatility. Use a shallow tray for basic single units and short span bridges, the deep tray for large conventional and Prettau Bridges.

The low 16-20 amp draw requirement (depending on what country you live in) means you will most likely not require custom electrical modifications.

If the power browns out or blacks out for a short time, especially at night when unattended, the oven will automatically resume the firing cycle at the stage where power failed.

• Alarm card safeties/failsafes. Unique, UL safety certification to the UL 61010 standard meaning you can be assured that an independent testing lab has confirmed the unit will fail safe.

• Idle/Preheat automatically raises the lift if no keys have been pressed for an hour and applies just enough power to keep the muffle between 100° and 200°F. This keeps the muffle from accumulating moisture which can turn into steam on the next run and cause insulation cracks.

• Like all Whip Mix ovens, the unit is calibrated to +/- 3 ̊ C tolerance specification.
• 1570°C max sustained temperature.
• 30 ̊C max heat rise

Convenient upgrades you install means no shipping the furnace back for upgrades!

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17"W x 25.5"D x 33.24"H
Heating Chamber Dimensions
3.5" (9 cm) Diameter × 6.5" (16.5 cm) High
Power Requirements 16 Amp Model
208 – 240 VOLT 50/60Hz Single Phase, 16 Amps, 3680 Watts
Power Requirements 20 Amp Model
200 – 240 VOLT 50/60Hz Single Phase, 20 Amps, 4600 Watts
Number of Programss
Number of Stages/Program
1-4, User Defined
Delay Start
0-8.0 Hours
Maximum Heat Rate
1-54ºF/min. (1-30ºC/min.)
Maximum Temperature
1570ºC (2858ºF)
Oven Weight
132 lbs.


Why Temperature Control is Critical in Dental Ceramic Firing:

From Feldspathic porcelain to lithium disilicate
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Case Study
Making the Right Choice:

How Gundrum Dental Labs Chose the Pro Series Furnace for their Lab
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The reference standard for mature technology & optimum results

Mihm-Vogt Sintering Furnaces

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Sintering Furnaces

Mihm-Vogt supplies sintering furnaces for a wide range of applications and requirements: Models in widely differing versions and sizes are suitable for both small laboratories and large milling centers. They are the ideal complement to any CAD/CAM system. As a user, you can be flexible when choosing your materials, without relying on one particular brand, as all our high-temperature furnaces can be programmed individually.

Mihm-Vogt speed sintering furnaces save you valuable production time and shorten the sintering process substantially, depending on the material. Speed programs use less energy and therefore help to protect the environment and reduce your consumption costs.


Mihm-Vogt only use high-quality MoSi2 heating elements for our equipment. The highest programmable temperature is 1650 °C, but the heating elements are suitable for a temperature range reaching up to 1800 °C. Thanks to this scope in the upper temperature range, the heating elements are placed under less stress as they are not heated to their uppermost limit. This has a positive effect on their service life.

For every sintering process, there are programs of four steps available for you to use, which you can set individually. This means you can be flexible and use a variety of available sintering materials; thanks to the large temperature range, you can also use translucent zirconium oxide, for example. Choose the required end time for a process and the furnace will start automatically.

Mihm-Vogt sintering furnaces have an emergency cooling system with off-grid housing cooling, which means that they are protected from overheating even in the event of a power cut. The ventilation continues working to ensure that, even at high sintering temperatures, your equipment is sufficiently cooled and cannot become damaged.

Our various models are adapted to your needs thanks to their sizes and equipment:


The compact and versatile HT-S sintering furnace (see figure on the left) was developed for laboratories with a limited number of restorations or laboratories with parallel milling systems. It allows you to save up to nine programs.


The HT high-temperature furnace supports you with high workloads and ideally complements your CAD-CAM system in the milling center. In addition to a large-capacity tray, this furnace also offers scope for an optional second tray. Additional functions, such as a pre-drying phase or ventilated heating, extend your application possibilities further.

Speed Sintering

Nowadays, time and energy efficiency are decisive factors for your productivity and provide a significant advantage over the competition. Make the most of this advantage with our speed sintering furnaces.

The market now offers zirconium oxide ceramics that withstand higher heating and cooling rates, and therefore can be sintered through in shorter periods of time. For these shorter sintering processes, you need the right equipment: The HT-S Speed and HT Speed sintering furnaces (see figure on the left). Your heating system is specially developed to meet the particular requirements of speed sintering. Even the extremely long-lasting speed sintering trays are perfectly suited to this.

For you, this simply means you save huge amounts of time and have a better workload. Until now, sintering processes have been very time-consuming. However, by using a suitable material, the program duration can be significantly reduced. Sintering cycles that have been shortened so significantly use less energy and are therefore better for the environment, while also lowering your consumption costs.

The speed heating elements we use also offer you an additional bonus: Unwanted yellow/green discoloration does not occur. Mihm-Vogt speed sintering furnaces are therefore perfectly suited to use with translucent zirconium oxide.

In addition to all of these benefits, all the functions included on our standard sintering furnaces are also available. The intelligent electronics on the Mihm-Vogt speed sintering furnaces automatically detect whether you are using a standard program or a speed program.

Mihm-Vogt high-temperature furnaces
combine performance and ease of operation

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