Keys to Digital Dental Manufacturing Quality

CAM Software

The CAM Software must output smooth motion data utilizing specialized high-speed machining strategies that will minimize machine time and increase cutting tool life while providing fine, highly detailed surface finishes with the best restorative margins.

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Dental CAD/CAM Software Solutions From the Experts

Axsys provide Dental CAD and CAM Software Solutions a variety of industry leading software publishers whose software solutions enable medical professionals to design and manufacture dental products. These providers have combined their many years of CAD/CAM development with state-of-the-art hardware technology and expert advice from and extensive list of experienced medical partners thereby harnessing each of their individual, powerful capabilities in software that is easy for medical professionals to learn and to use.

By offering these quality products, we are able to provide full and unique dental CAD/CAM solutions that address our customers specific needs; from scanning the plaster model to designing the dental restoration in 3D, through to the CAM software to manufacture the models using CNC milling machines and 3D printers.

The products we provide are all part of an Open-system, allowing you to choose any combination of these solutions to create a digital dental solution to meet your budget and fulfill your needs and objectives.

Providing Exclusive Solution Enhancements

Axsys Dental Solutions

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Digital Manufacturing

As with our Versamill machine technology, we leverage our 40 years of digital design and manufacturing experience, spanning all market segments including the dental industry, to provide additional software enhancements over and above a vendors standard deliverable product. These unique enhancements, which are not available from any other supplier, provide additional functionality while assuring reliability and increasing productivity.

FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group’s sole product focus is to develop and deliver a CAM software that is dedicated to the dental market. This not only allows them to quickly adapt to the functional requirements of their customers, but also bring new and innovative features first to market with their core product hyperDENT®.

hyperDENT incorporates efficient proven milling cycles from the industrial segment that provide maximum process stability and indication quality. For example, the patent protected peeling strategies used for complex materials such as glass ceramic ensures perfect surface quality while simultaneously maximizing tool life.

Based on a modular product structure, hyperDENT targets different dental market segments from small and mid-sized dental laboratories, to milling centers and high-production laboratories. Customers can choose which hyperDENT version best suits their business needs from one of their two core products: hyperDENT Compact or hyperDENT Classic. Depending on individual needs, customers can also add-on software from the hyperDENT Options range.

As the demand for in-house milling production began to rise steadily, a simple to use, lighter edition of hyperDENT was created. This CAM software unlocks the true potential of common benchtop-type mills while staying sensitive to the lower-cost nature of this machine category. All of the key advantages, of a fast, safe, efficient and precise workflow process that hyperDENT is renowned for, is maintained. Therefore, although this edition is light, it contains all of the core requirements that any lab would need. With its user-friendly interface, extensive training is not required and can therefore be used by technicians without previous CAD/CAM experience.

FOLLOW-ME!’s flagship product allows for the in-house production of ALL your digitally designed dental applications. Its robust features and unique customization options give labs and milling centers complete control of their manufacturing needs.

Containing all that is included in Compact, this version is a step up and is suitable for large-sized labs, where simultaneous production on multiple projects is required. Features such as multipart roughing contribute to workflow efficiency by reducing material waste, increasing tool life and decreasing milling times. Additionally, customers are able to create their own part types to clarify a wider range of products within the software. This enables the customer to specify separate parameters and toolpaths for their newly created indications.

hyperDENT®Practicelab is one of the easiest to use CAM software products on the market and was specifically designed for glass ceramic indications or indications from soft material, where more complex milling strategies are not required.

hyperDENT® Practicelab has a significantly simplified interface so the computerized steps are familiar from the get-go. The all-new touch screen technology that is incorporated eliminates the need for a mouse, allowing for a neat and tangle free workspace to compliment any dental lab. So much automation has been packed in to this slim and trimmed down version of hyper- DENT® that it is a perfect solution for novice users. The workstep wizard guides users through the complete workflow process and provides simple operational commands,

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Staying up-to-date with new CAD/CAM technology can be difficult without a CAM product that gives its users flexibility and expandability. hyperDENT Options allows for add-on modules so that users can either manufacture new types of indications or customize their current capabilities and solutions.

hyperDENT Grinding Module

The hyperDENT grinding module adds special toolpaths for the production of glass ceramics.

These toolpaths specifically address the complications of grinding with water-cooled diamond cutters, for the highest quality and most efficient production of these materials.

The hyperDENT grinding module adds special toolpaths for the production of glass ceramics. These toolpaths specifically address the complications of grinding with water-cooled diamond cutters, for the highest quality and most efficient production of these materials.

Full Denture Module

The hyperDENT full denture module is a fully automated CAM feature that cuts out more than half of the steps required in the traditional full denture process. It is one of the first full denture capable software systems that utilizes automated tool paths and parameter calculations.

This includes both the lower and upper jaw components, which allows for easy digital handling and is particularly beneficial for novice users.

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Template Generator

The hyperDENT template generator is for advanced CAM users who need to create individualized machining templates to respond with total flexibility to new tools, materials, and restorations.

With this module, hyperDENT provides unique and flexible capabilities to its users. Unique, as other CAM software and digital dental manufacturing solution providers typically create "canned" machining templates that they then provide to their customers - templates that end users are not able to modify.

hyperDENT Abutment Creator

The hyperDENT abutment creator enables the milling of individual abutments, implant bars, and screw-retained bridges.

Due to hyperDENT's robust and tested libraries of interface geometries, these complex restorations can be milled easily with high-quality results.

hyperDENT also disregards the inconsistency of implant interface geometries from different CAD systems and scan adapter libraries, by replacing the geometry with a perfectly fitting alternative.

Perfect Fit, Perfect Surface Quality

The result is what counts – and this can be judged by the fit and surface quality. Milling algorithms are the key to achieving excellent results in these areas.

With hyperDENT you can achieve an extremely good fit exactly where it is needed; the margin line, the abutment connection geometry, or the screw seat area in the screw channel. This gives you high-precision dental restorations, without sacrificing fast machining times.

With hyperDENT, margin lines can be manufactured to perfection. Special circular equidistant milling strategies ensure that thin edges can be machined in zirconium oxide without damage to the margin line, despite the quick processing times.

Program with DentMILL®

 # Delcam’s DentMILL encompasses fully automated manufacturing methods that reduce costs, and improve quality and productivity. It offers the latest parallel processing technologies so your team can add and process new jobs while tool paths are generated in the background. It removes unnecessary downtime by allowing multiple jobs and blocks to be processed simultaneously.

Intelligent workflow ensures that only machines, fixtures, materials and suitable machining strategies can be selected by the operator. Since it is an open CAM system, design form other CAD packages can be imported so tool paths can be generated on simple or complex restorations created by any CAD system. Stock management ensures you are only selecting blocks for which you have physical stock.

The rapid nesting algorithm allows you to fill and pin a block quickly and efficiently. DentMILL’s part-to-part pinning allows you to get the maximum yield from your blocks.

An automation layer allows operations in a lights-out milling facility as part of an integrated CAD/CAM workflow or stand-alone piece. DentMILL allows you to build machine and fixture libraries to match available equipment, this integration speeds up DentMILL’s CAD/CAM workflow by removing expensive data administration time.

Milling Templates

Milling templates are supplied with the software covering a wide range of materials including titanium, cobalt-chrome, and glass ceramics. These allow highly-tailored automated generation of toolpaths.

Our team of expert CAD/CAM and manufacturing experts have leveraged our 40 years of experience to provide significant enhancements to the standard deliverable product. These modifications include enhancements to the user interface, milling strategies, libraries and more and greatly improve restoration quality, tool life, surface finish, machine time and reliability. Users can also develop their own templates for any additional materials that they machine.

Library Manager

The library manager within DentMILL allows users to develop and edit libraries of material stock, fixtures and NC machines. These libraries form part of the stock-management system that allows the user to only select sizes of material block that are currently in stock and that are suitable for the specified machine fixture, so saving time and eliminating possible errors. The new interface makes it easier to add extra items, such as a partly-used block of material or a new piece of equipment, to the library

Machining Strategies

DentMILL's numerous high speed machining strategies significantly increase quality, reduce machining times and minimize manual rework for complex shapes common to the dental industry. To achieve the best results, our machining templates apply the appropriate HSM-suitable machining strategies to perform optimal high speed milling operations.

Corner Finishing

Pencil milling automatically cleans up corners or concave fillets so that there is uniform stock left at surface intersections. Relieving the larger volume of material allows for less tool deflection and noise when cutting corners.

Intelligent Stock Removal

Intelligently removes small islands of residual stock that can remain on the part due to a combination of tool radii and step-over, by inserting a smooth extension into the area.

Pattern Finishing

Depending on the part shape, Raster, Radial or Spiral strategies can be employed to provide maximum efficiency. Full control of the leads and links ensures smooth toolpath transitions, improving both tool life and surface finish.

3D Offset Finishing

3D offset machining delivers an excellent surface finish because the step-over is varied to give a constant cusp height, both on steep surfaces and shallow contoured areas.

Spiral Offset Finishing

Spiral offset finishing prevents ‘witness marks’, reduces machining time and improves tool life since the tool stays in constant contact with the model in one smooth spiral motion, and giving an excellent surface finish.

Optimized Finishing

3D Offset and Constant-Z finishing are combined to produce the best toolpaths for machining both the flatter and steeper areas of a part. Here the strategy automatically interleaves the toolpaths in the intermediate areas between the two strategies, ensuring high surface quality.

Parametric Offset Machining

Parametric Offset machining intelligently morphs toolpaths across a surface with a varying rather than constant step-over. This strategy covers the complete area without any sharp changes in direction, so improving surface finish and tool life.

High Efficiency Roughing

The main requirements of high-efficiency roughing are to keep the load on the cutter as constant as possible and to minimize any sudden changes in the cutting direction

Program with cameoNC™

 #cameoNC is a 3-, 4- and 5-axis CAM milling program to help you manufacture simple and anatomical copings and bridge frameworks, inlays, on-lays, dental bars, implant bridges, and customized abutments.

This completely “open” CAM system uses industry-standard formats to enable easy model sharing and connectivity between other open CADCAM systems and CNC machines.

It is based on the CAM markets leading machining kernel, Moduleworks, which owns an approximate 60% share of the industrial market and a 30% market share in the Dental industry due to its fast, accurate, time-saving machining strategies and simulation capabilities.

State-of-the-Art Framework

IThe cameoNC Dental Framework provides high performance 3-axis and 5-axis milling and grinding strategies while its Open-machining template libraries allows for the manufacture of a wide spectrum of Dental Indications.

Muse Technology provides intelligent & fully automated 5-Axis processing with greater accuracy, high-quality finishes & reduced hand-finishing.

Rough, Adaptive Rough, Rest Rough, Constant Cusp, Projection and much more. Users can choose from a wide variety of machining strategies within the cameoNC dental framework. Using a sequence of these roughing, finishing, and rest finishing patterns, restorations can be manufactured with uncompromising quality.

The Machining Process

The milling process typically includes rough and rest-roughing toolpaths from the occlusal and prep sides as shown on the top row. The process then continues with finishing toolpath processing using constant cusp and/or constant-Z pattern finishing for steep areas. The process is then completed utilizing rest-finishing for smaller detailed fissure areas.

Features and Indications

  • Fully integrated or stand-alone solution utilizing the exocad framework.
  • Flexible, Open-system enables production from any design software.
  • Fast & easy set-up.
  • Complete integration into exocad environment.

  • Powered by Moduleworks, the leading supplier of CAM software components.
  • Fully customizable with Muse  technology which enables adaptations of
            new styles of indications, materials and restorations.
  • Calculation of production data in as little as 16 minutes for a fully
            nested zirconia disc.
  • And much, much more.


  • Nesting and block management through exocam and the exocad framework.
  • Support for ball, bull, flat and tapered burs. Lollipop and barrel cutters too.
  • Specialized machining crown, prep and pin machining strategies for
            glass-ceramic restorations.

  • Automatic undercut machining for both 3+2 and simultaneous modes.
  • Simulation and identification of uncut and undercut areas.
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