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Dental Design Suite

Dental CAD/CAM Software Solutions From the Experts

Axsys provide Dental CAD and CAM Software Solutions a variety of industry leading software publishers whose software solutions enable medical professionals to design and manufacture dental products.

By offering these quality products, we are able to provide full and unique dental CAD/CAM solutions that address our customers specific needs; from inter-oral scanning or scanning the plaster model to designing the dental restoration in 3D, through to the CAM software to manufacture the models using CNC milling machines and 3D printers.

The products we provide are all part of an Open-system, allowing you to choose any combination of these solutions to create a digital dental solution to meet your budget and fulfill your needs and objectives.


Powerful Dental CAD Software

Our exocad-based CAD software is known for its speedy operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity. It is reliable and robust even when dealing with complex cases on a daily basis.

The speed and flexibility of cameo™ DentalCAD was achieved through harnessing the latest research results in the area of organic modeling. For over seven years, our team of engineers has consistently delivered innovations for a rapidly evolving market.

We listen to our customers and continue to integrate the latest insights, to ensure cameo users stay one step ahead of the curve.

Faster Workflows

means improved efficiency


functionality as you require it


with reliability you can trust

Wide range of indications and functionality

Even the standard version of cameo™ DentalCAD covers a wide variety of indications.

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Anatomic Crowns

Design beautiful and functional crowns with minimal effort.

Multiple high-quality tooth libraries included.

Simple & Anatomic Copings

Starting from the full anatomy, you can take advantage of cutback options to create an optimal coping.

Inlays & Onlays

Beautiful, natural-looking inlay and onlay restorations can be designed rapidly and easily.


Achieve highly aesthetic results with just a few mouse clicks.

Several beautiful tooth libraries are included.


Waxups made by hand can be scanned, edited, and copy-milled. It‘s also possible to create waxups digitally

Telescopic Crowns

Cameo gives you maximum flexibility when designing telescopic crowns.

Bridge Frameworks

Full contour crowns, copings, pontics, or inlays can be combined with bridges and bridge frameworks.


Attachment shapes, from a large library, can be added to or removed from your design.

Expand the features of the base software

The cameo module system allows great flexibility; you can purchase just what you need or omit what you don’t.

Implant Module

With cameo’s Implant Module, the design of custom abutments is easy and straightforward.

The design of screw-retained bridges, crowns and copings also becomes an easy task.

Bar Module

Advanced bar design for standard and complex cases.

Attachments or retentions can be added to the design; cylindrical holes or even arbitrary geometries can be cut out in order to bolt or glue pre-fabricated attachments onto the bar.

Model Creator Module

Create physical models from digital impression scans.

Both the design of models with detachable segments (using premanufactured bases) and the design of monolithic models (where only the prepared die is removable) are supported

Bite Splint Module

Designing therapeutic night guards quickly and in high quality
Output files can be either milled or printed.

We recommend using a combination of both Bite Splint Module and Virtual Articulator for optimal patient-specific results.

Provisional Module

Create eggshell temporaries from pre-op scans.

The temporaries are created based on pre-operative scans; the shape of the provisional crown/bridge can either be copied from the original anatomy or the tooth libraries.

Full Denture Module

Digital design of full dentures.

Model analysis can be performed digitally and the results will be used for an automatic tooth setup suggestion. The prosthetic can be milled and/or printed.

Partial Framework Module

Design removable partial denture frameworks.

With its outstanding design flexibility, our partial framework design solution meets the requirements of even the most demanding experts in the field.

Virtual Articulator

Simulate jaw movement and consider dynamic occlusion.

The positioning of the stone models within the physical articulator can be precisely transferred into the software for perfect patient-specific results.

Tooth Library

Extensive library of beautiful natural teeth.

cameo DentalCAD ships with a variety of tooth libraries. For those who would like even more choice, an additional extensive library of beautiful natural teeth is available as a reasonably-priced add-on.

DICOM Viewer

Visualize voxel CT data during the design process.

cameo’s DentalCAD platform includes an integrated DICOM Viewer* that allows you to visualize voxel data from CT machines during the design of dental restorations.

Jaw Motion Import

Import jaw measurement from devices.

The Jaw Motion Import module allows you to import jaw movement registration data from external devices such as the JMA system from Zebris. The module works in combination with the Virtual Articulator module.

Smile Design

Combine patient photos, outlines and 3D situations.

With the upcoming Smile Design module, exocad provides an easy solution for aesthetic planning that leads to more predictable results.

Fast, secure, and easy communication.

It’s more than just ‘upload to milling center’ - we aim to cover the full spectrum of multi-directional digital communication between clinicians, dental technicians, and production centers for you.

dentalshare enables distributed workflows and efficient online collaboration. We use next-generation compression technology, combined with a robust transfer protocol, so that even big datasets travel through unreliable mobile network connections and restrictive firewalls with ease. For example, the recipient can start downloading a large file before the sender has finished uploading it. All transfers utilize state-of-the-art encryption technology and are fully verified once received.

For maximum reliability and fast network throughput, exocad operates its own redundant, distributed server infrastructure with multiple gigabyte Internet connections and server locations around the world.

No per-transfer fees*, no commission.

With dentalshare, we won’t gnaw away at your profit margin. There’s no per-transfer fee, nor do we accept commissions from production centers.

*Subject to fair usage policy

Discover More

Once you are familiar with the base functionality of cameo Dental CAD, there’s more to discover.

  • Working with pre-op models and photos, using advanced visualization and
            measurement tools, and creating complex restorations with virtual gingiva
            design including undercuts.
  • Load 2D images during the design.
  • Take advantage of our advanced mesh editing and matching features.
  • Save real 3D PDF files, to send out design previews that can be viewed in
            3D using a standard PDF viewer.
  • Exchange large 3D data sets with dentalshare.
  • And much, much more.

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