Whip Mix Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace 115 VAC

SKU: 93005
Manufacturer part number: 93005
The Pro 200 and the Pro Press 200 Porcelain Furnaces are affordable yet intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. They have advanced cycles for e.max®, In-Ceram®, Wol-Ceram®, Captek™, sintered alloys and advanced porcelain products. The Pro 200 Series is completely lead free in compliance with the international RoHS directive.

All Pro Series Porcelain Furnaces come standard with a Vacuum Pump and a 3-Year Warranty or 3,750 muffle hours on unit (US & Canada only). Should the unit ever need servicing, direct access to a service technician is provided, greatly reducing the turnaround time on repairs.
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    Additional Features Include:

    200 freely selectable firing programs give you more than enough space for multiple porcelains

    Advanced cycles for IPS e.max® In Ceram® Wol-Ceram® Captek™ sintered alloys and advanced porcelain products enables user to determine the ideal temperature to fire any porcelain on the market accurately.

    Large, 4-line, 20 character LCD Screen means easy-to-read time, temperature and vacuum informNight mode program extends electronics life and saves time in the morning

    Patented fast cooling feature saves time

    3 Year Warranty or 3750 muffle hours


    Pro 200 Series Purge Instructions                                    
                           Whip Mix Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace Specifications                                    
    Display LED
    Power Consumption 1400W - Furnace with pump
    Shipping Weight 59 lbs.
    Muffle Windings Quartz Tubing
    Muffle Chamber 3.75"W x 2.5H, x 3.75D
    Maximum Temperature 2200°F
    Dimensions 11"Wa x 16"D x 25"H