Polident Multilayer PMMA Discs


POLIDENT MULTILAYER PMMA CAD-CAM DISCS are ideal for obtaining a perfect color effect of temporary crowns and bridges in a single step.

These multi-layered discs are produced with 5 gradient layers in colors of: enamel, dentin and cervical to provide a natural look.

Benefits: Strength and Stability, High Luster Polish-ability, Excellent Machinability, Absolute Bio-compatibility.

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    POLIDENT PMMA CAD-CAM DISCS are suitable for fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges and for verifying the bridge on the plaster model / in mouth before the final ZrO2 milling process.

    These 5-graident layered  discs are the ideal product to produce temporary crowns of perfect color and a natural look.

    and bridges with a single step (layers in colours of enamel, dentin
    and cervical).


    Vickers hardness: 26,60 HV. 

    Flexural strength: 114 MPa. 

    E-Module: 2771 MPa. 

    Residual monomer: < 1%.

    Diameter: 95 – 105 mm. Thickness: 15, 18, and 20mm.

    Indications: Temporary crowns and bridges