Mihm-Vogt HT Speed

Mihm Vogt has a tradition of producing quality furnaces for over 50 years. Intuitive and simple programming have been combined with high quality components for precise and consistent sintering results.

The HT Speed by Mihm Vogt features 90-minute zirconia speed sintering cycles as well as regular cycles. It has six MoSi2 heating elements, a maximum temperature of 1,650°C and quality inner insulation to ensure low power consumption. Two trays can be fired simultaneously, doubling the amount of work that can be sintered. The furnace is equipped with door security circuitry to prevent accidental opening and a thermocouple circuit breaker to prevent overheating.

Features Include:
  • Heat-up and cool-down-rate up to 70 °C/min. (158° F/min.)
  • Total sintering process time less than 120 minutes.
  • Up to 1650 °C (3000 F) for high translucency zirconia
  • Programs for pre-drying
  • Ventilated heating capability
  • Special speed heating elements avoid green coloring
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    Additional Features Include:


    • Precise temperature control in up to 4 steps (4 interrupt times, 4 ramps)
    • Easy operation with menus, plastic foil keyboard and liquid cristal display (LCD)
    • All information displayed on LCD
    • (30) individual heating programs can be saved with text
    • Input of ending time with time and weekday, switch-on time is calculated automatically
    • Acoustic and optical signal at end of program
    • (6) MoSI2 heating elements
    • High duration due to 1800°C elements
    • Heat-up and cool-down rate up to 70°C/min. (158°F/min.)
    • Potential for fast firing cycle
    • Up to 1650 °C (3000 F) for high translucency zirconia
    • Special speed heating elements avoid green coloring


    Included Accessories: 

    • (1) 12cm Ø Speed Bowl
    • 200g Zirconia Beads




    Mihm-Vogt HT Speed Specifications                                                                                       

    Display Detailed 4-line LCD
    Characteristics Emergency Cooling System, RS232 Interface
    Characteristics Ventilated Heating, Pre-drying
    Capacity (2) bowls  @ 120 Øx35mm
    Units Sintered at One Time 50 Maximum
    Number of Heating Elements (6) High-Purity Molybdenum Disilicide Speed-heating Elements
    Maximum Operating Temperature 1650°C
    Minimal Heat-up Time to 1550°C 30 minutes
    Number of Programs 30 individual programs w/short text - (4) Steps Each
    Dimensions 50cm (W) X 78cm (H) X 60cm (D)
    Weight 75 kg
    Maximum Power 3800 Watts
    Power Supply 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz