Mihm-Vogt Furnaces



Mihm-Vogt only use high-quality MoSi2 heating elements for our equipment. The highest programmable temperature is 1650 °C, but the heating elements are suitable for a temperature range reaching up to 1800 °C. Thanks to this scope in the upper temperature range, the heating elements are placed under less stress as they are not heated to their uppermost limit. This has a positive effect on their service life.

For every sintering process, there are programs of four steps available for you to use, which you can set individually. This means you can be flexible and use a variety of available sintering materials; thanks to the large temperature range, you can also use translucent zirconium oxide, for example. Choose the required end time for a process and the furnace will start automatically.

Mihm-Vogt sintering furnaces have an emergency cooling system with off-grid housing cooling, which means that they are protected from overheating even in the event of a power cut. The ventilation continues working to ensure that, even at high sintering temperatures, your equipment is sufficiently cooled and cannot become damaged.

Our various models are adapted to your needs thanks to their sizes and equipment:


The compact and versatile HT-S sintering furnace was developed for laboratories with a limited number of restorations or laboratories with parallel milling systems. It allows you to save up to nine programs.


The HT high-temperature furnace supports you with high workloads and ideally complements your CAD-CAM system in the milling center. In addition to a large-capacity tray, this furnace also offers scope for an optional second tray. Additional functions, such as a pre-drying phase or ventilated heating, extend your application possibilities further.

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