Medit T300 - Blue Light Scanner

Medit T500 and T300 are high-end 3D scanners developed exclusively for dental CAD/CAM applications.

Features Include:
  • Open System
  • Implant Bridge and bar Accuracy
  • Fast Scan Times
  • Proven Reliability

An excellent laboratory scanner for models and traditional impressions. The T300 uses blue light technology and is less susceptible to background light interference. It also has an open frame which accommodates larger model work and articulators.

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    Blue Light Technology
    The new T300 employs Blue LED technology that delivers superior data quality with state of the art scanning algorithms that makes scanning even faster and more precise than ever.

    I.M.V (Intelligent Multi View) Scanning
    The New I.M.V scanning technology ensures the acquisition of fast high quality scan data, which makes scanning your job more efficient, cost effective and productive. Conventional scanners have adopted dual-cameras with limited application for deep and narrow areas. However hard-to-access areas are no longer a hindrance to our latest development, the new Identica Blue.

    Texture Superimposition
    The 'Texture Superimposition' feature will not only speed up the modelling process, but it helps create very accurate margin lines as marked on the model.

    Intuitive Scan Process
    The T300 provides for 2-axis manual impression scanning.

    Open and Spacious
    Operating from a fully open platform, the T300 offers the maximum in convenience for 3D solutions for all dental applications that conventional closed platform scanners cannot.

    Open System
    The basic output format of the T300 is STL, so any CAD software can utilize the file.

    Included Accessories:

    • Calibration Panel
    • Gum Base Jig
    • Screw Base Jig
    • Multi-Die Jig
    • Half Block Jig

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    Medit T300  Specifications 

    Size 290mm x 290mm x 340mm
    Light Source Blue LED
    Interface USB 3.0 (2.0) High speed
    Scanning Principle Phase-shifting Optical Triangulation
    3D Scanning Area/Point Spacing 90mm  X 72mm X 60mm
    Weight 12 kg
    Output Data Format STL
    Camera Resolution 2 x 2 MP Cameras
    Scan Speed (Full Arch) 24 Seconds
    Impression Scanning 2-Axis Manual
    Power AC 100 V ~ 240 V, 50 ~60 Hz
    Warranty 2 Years