Medentika Pre-milled Blanks & Components

You are on the safe side with PreFace® Abutments.

Whilst the diameters of 11.5 and 16 millimeters ensure the necessary variability, a uniform length guarantees the precise definition of the zero point.

Medentika will always supply your PreFace® Abutments complete with an abutment screw!

To provide the widest possible variability of materials, the PreFace® Abutments are available in Titanium Grade 5 CF and CoCr.

The advantages of the PreFace® Abutments at a glance:

• Short machining times in the production process - through two blank diameters

• Maximum freedom of design - through the optimized selection of the milling blanks

• Maximum protection for the precisely designed implant interface - through screwing the abutment tight merely on the front side

• Highest levels of precision in the interface - through preassembled, standardized manufacturing processes

• More freedom during the design of the emergence profile - through the special configuration of the blanks

PreFace®-Abutments are available for:
• Astra Tech OsseoSpeed®
• Bio Horizons Internal®
• Biomet 3i Certain®
• Biomet 3i® Außenhex
• Bredent Sky®
• Conelog®
• Dentsply-Friadent Frialit/Xive®
• Medentika M-Implant®
• MIS Implants®
• Nobel Active®
• Nobel Biocare Brånemark®
• Nobel Biocare Replace Select®
• Straumann Bone Level®
• Straumann SynOcta®
• Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent®

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Medentika Titanium Nobel Active® Compatible 11.5mm Ø PreFace - NP/3.5

Titanium 11.5mm Ø PreFace Blank - Nobel Active® Compatible - NP/3.5

Medentika Titanium Nobel Active® Compatible 16mm Ø PreFace - NP/3.5

Titanium 16mm Ø PreFace Blank - Nobel Active® Compatible - NP/3.5