Masterpiece Advantage 0.6mm DLC Ball Endmill

SKU: ZB-07/03
Manufacturer part number: ZB-07/03
Masterpiece Advantage
Extended-Life 0.6mm DLC Ball Endmill
Available in two length configurations:

Effective Cutting Length: 8.0mm
Overall Length: 50.0mm

Effective Cutting Length: 13.0mm
Overall Length: 63.0mm

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    This diamond coated endmill is from our upgraded line of Masterpiece endmills and features an extended-wear DLC Diamond coating. Made from carbide, it is designed specifically for the machining of zirconia, graphite and other nonferrous materials. Extensive R&D went into finding the right tooling materials and developing the technology to form a diamond coated layer of highest hardness.

    Features Include:

    • Extended-Life
    • 100% Diamond-Like Coating
    • 2 Flute / Extended Length
    • 30 Degree Helix
    • 8.0mm & 13.0mm Effective Length
    • 50.0mm & 63.0mm Overall Length
    • .01MM Radius Tolerance
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