Imes-Icore Diamond Ball-nose End Mills

Crystalline diamond coating can increase tool life 10 times or more) over un-coated burs with faster material removal, more reliable unattended high precision machining and reduced use of coolant.

Our Masterpiece Series Imes-Icore Compatible Diamond Ball-nose end mill Burs can slash your current tooling costs by more the 50%

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    These Masterpiece diamond coated endmill burs are made from an upgraded line of our standard end mill burs. Made from carbide, they are designed specifically the the machining of zirconia, graphite and other nonferrous materials. Extensive R&D went into finding the right tooling materials and developing the technology to form a diamond coated layer of highest hardness.

    Features Include:

    • 100% Diamond Coating
    • 2 Flute / Extended Length
    • 30 Degree Helix
    • .01MM Radius Tolerance

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