NT-Trading Systems and Components

Single-Unit Implant Systems

NT-Trading Single-Unit Implant Systems are ideal for fabricating hybrid abutments and screw-retained crowns and can also be used in bridge frameworks 
    Additional System Features:    
  • Complete Abutment Libraries are Available
  • Compatible with the Most Popular CAD/CAM Systems
  • Robust Delcam DentMILL Machining Templates are Available
  • Single-Unit Titanium Bases are FDA approved  

Multi-Unit Implant Systems

The new 2-CONnect system from NT-Trading is specifically designed for fabricating hybrid multi-unit restorations like  screw-retained bridges and implant bars. The system enables connecting implants with up to 35 degree divergence. It uses all digital manufacturing and is incredibly accurate.

The 2-CONnect Abutment consists of one Abutment with screw (for fixation of abutment to the implant) and one titanium cap with one tiny screw (fixed into the hollow Abutment screw). The cap on top fits exactly to the abutment-geometry and does not have a rotation fixation, so it is easy to work with.

Compatible with the most popular CAD/CAM Systems, all NT-Trading 2-CONnect Titanium Bases are FDA approved.

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