Austromat i Series Accessories


The DEKEMA trixpress system includes ring sizes of 100g, 200g and 380g, adapted to the functions of the AUSTROMAT pres-i-dent. Three sizes cover all pressing and overpressing techniques from  individual crowns to 14 unit bridges.

Since the disposable placeholders can be arranged as desired, you can simultaneously process up to 30g of porcelain and/or five different colors simultaneously during one single pressing. The use of the press ingots can be optimized by distributing the porcelain to several plungers.


It's the whole process you've got to reconsider to see the real potential of trixpress. Processing several press ingots, in several colors shrinks the whole procedure to an absolute minimum. Build up one ring where you step, one heat out cycle, one pressing cycle, one divesting step. Ultimate press efficience.


Sintering objects must not contaminate. DEKEMA spends a lot of time and effort in creating the right support for your sintering objects, to guarantee a clean atmosphere inside the sintering chamber. A patented system of tailored rings and plates made of customized material is optimized for durability and stability, even at high temperature gradients.

The AUSTROMAT 664 is delivered with a singtering plate of 65mm diameter. It optionally can be equipped with a second pair of rings and plates to sinter in two levels.

The Austromat 674 sinters in one level optionally in two levels. It also sinters uncovered units with a diameter of up to 100mm.


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Austromat Accessories

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