HT-S Speed by Mihm-Vogt

Mihm Vogt has a tradition of producing quality furnaces for over 50 years. Intuitive and simple programming have been combined with high quality components for precise and consistent sintering results.

The Mihm-Vogt HT-S Speed is especially appropriate for labs with parallel milling systems and for labs with a small number of restorations.

Features Include:
  • Speed sintering in 90 Minutes!
  • Heat up and cool down rate: up to 158° F/min.
  • Total sintering process time less than 120 minutes
  • Up to 3000° F for high translucency zirconia
  • Special speed heating elements avoid green coloring
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    Additional Features Include:


    • Precise temperature control in up to 4 steps (4 interrupt times, 4 ramps)
    • All information displayed on LCD
    • (9) individual heating programs can be saved with text
    • Input of ending time with time and weekday, switch-on time is calculated automatically
    • Acoustic and optical signal at end of program
    • (4) MoSI2 heating elements
    • High duration due to 1800°C elements
    • Heat-up- and cool-down-rate up to 70 °C/min. (158 °F/min.)
    • Potential for fast firing cycle
    • Up to 1650 °C (3000 °F) for high translucency zirconia
    • Special speed heating elements avoid green coloring


    Included Accessories: 

    • (1) 10cm Ø Speed Bowl
    • 200g Zirconia Beads




    ARUM HT-S Speed by Mihm-Vogt Specifications                                                                                       

    Display LED
    Characteristics Emergency Cooling System
    Capacity 1 bowl @ 100 Øx35mm
    Units Sintered at One Time 20 Maximum
    Heat-up Speed 1°C to 70°C/min selectable
    Number of Heating Elements (4) High-Purity Molybdenum Disilicide Speed-heating Elements
    Maximum Operating Temperature 1650°C
    Minimal Heat-up Time to 1550°C 50 minutes
    Number of Programs Nine - (4) Steps Each
    Dimensions 39cm (W) X 72cm (H) X 50cm (D)
    Weight 58 kg
    Maximum Power 2000 Watts
    Power Supply 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz