1.0mm CrN Coated Ballnose Endmill (Versamill 5XS)

SKU: 4D44093A
Manufacturer part number: 4D44093A
Versamill OEM Toolings
Made in the U.S.A.
1.0mm CrN Ball End Mill for PMMA, Wax, PE, PEEK and more.
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    Our ballnose endmill specific geometric features are optimized for prolonged tool life, chip

    clearance, and high feed rates.


    Our ballnose 2-flute endmills ifeature improved helical, clearance, and relief angles.

    • Cromium Nitride PVD coating
    • 1000 - 1250 minute life
    • (2) Flute / Extended Length
    • 30 Degree Helix
    • 4.0mm dia. shank
    • Effective Lingth= 10.0mm
    • Total Length=45.0mm




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