• Best Possible Restorative Margins

    Compare Pre-treatment ceramic crowns to post operative milled monolithic lLithium disilicate

    Note the smooth, thin, precise margins and outstanding tissue response.

  • Doctors Will See Outstanding Clinical Results

    Compare pre-treatment Feldspathic Veneer on Dark Incisor with

    the outstanding detail of the Post-treatment milled monolithic Lithium Disilicate restoration.

  • Enjoy all the Benefits of Wet Milling

    While eliminitating the noisy vacuum systems, and the caustice, abrasive,

    equipment damaging airborne contamenentsassociated with dry millling.

  • Leveraging Over 40 Years of CAD, CAM and CNC Manufacuring Experience

    to provide the Restorative Dentist or the Prosthodontic Specialist the best possible digital dental manufacturing solution.

  • Axsys Dental Soluitons Provides Precision, Industrial Quality Solutions.

    For all your restorative an prosthodontic needs.

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