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inPractice Digital Dental Solutions

Providing the Right Technology for the
General Practitioner or
Prosthodontic Specialist

Old paradigms are changing. Traditional impressions are being replaced by scanning and more laboratory procedures are performed in the dental office. Technology makes it very practical and very cost effective.

With inPractice, you can provide your patients with the full spectrum of dental restorations, from the thinnest ceramic veneers to a complete oral rehabilitation. From diagnostic wax-up prototypes and acrylic occlusal splints to custom titanium abutments and full-arch bars, inPractice is an affordable, in-office non-stop workhorse.

Technology Advancements

Technology has changed. Early adopters of digital dental technology were plagued with many problems and therefore did not realize the quality and profit benefits anticipated for their chairside digital manufacturing investment. These problems can be contributed to the “closed” nature of the system. This means that practices had no options in selecting CAD/CAM software and consumable products (raw materials, machining burs, etc.), the lack of versatility, reliability, and end user support.

The biggest contributing factor to this failure was these so called “machines” lacked the rigidity of construction, fixturing, quality components, speed, versatility, and size to reliably, consistently, and effectively produce the various restoration types from the soft and hard materials that are required to enable doctors to maintain or grow their practice.

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Technology for Today and Tomorrow

The field of digital dentistry continues to evolve. With inPractice, you need not worry about expanding technology or advances in materials. are based on an adaptable digital platform which includes our exclusive enhancements, providing you with technology that will serve your needs both now and in the future- enabling you to process new dental materials as they are developed. This OPEN platform provides you freedom to choose material, scanning, and software solutions that best fit your practice.

The feature-rich and easy-to-use cameo Dental CAD/CAM Suite provides software that supports the design and manufacture of a wide range of dental prosthesis and restorative components for single- and multiple-unit restorations. Our solution update program ensures you always have the latest technology at your disposal.

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An Industrial Quality System

At the heart inPractice, stands our Versamill precision dental machining centers. Each Versamill machine family member machining center is designed to perform reliably with high-precision for the long term. They can process any dental material from zirconia and PMMA to hard-to-machine cobalt chrome alloys and delicate glass ceramics.

Dental offices can enjoy the benefits of a wet machine, eliminating the caustic dust associated with milling zirconium dry - equipment damaging dust that has no place in a dental office.

The machines are supported by heavy duty, cast-aluminum alloy or aluminum frames, and are powered by high-power, high-precision spindles for complete versatility. A standard dental office compressor is all you need for hook-up.

With inPractice, you get a complete, industrial-quality manufacturing solution used by dental laboratories and milling centers around the world but specifically designed to meet the demanding support requirements of dental practices.

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Perfect For the Dental Office

Beyond the unsurpassed quality restorations provided by the Versamill 5X200 and other products associated with our Digital Dentistry suite of products, there are many other characteristics that make the Versamill 5X200 perfect for any dental office. These include:

  • Minimal post-machining handwork.
  • Short machine cycle times for same day restorations if required.
  • Small footprint.
  • Open system (freedom to choose system components and consumables).
  • 5-axis machining center is whisper quiet.
  • Fast, accurate and easy to operate.
  • Wet milling providing clean operation free of equipment-damaging, caustic
             and abrasive contaminates typical of dry-machining operation.
  • Trouble-free.

Making the Transition

Making the transition to digital manufacturing can be a frightening proposition. After nearly 40 years of helping companies make the transition from old analog methods to digital methods, Axsys knows how to do it successfully. Even if you have little computer experience, our training programs enable you to successfully transition to the digital world in a short period of time.

Beyond training, Axsys supports you with highly skilled and experienced application engineers to address any questions, problems, or difficult cases that may appear during your day-to-day operations. They’re even avail-able when it’s time for you to expand the offerings of your practice or explore new ideas that address your individual needs or plans for growth.

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Overview of the Versamill 5X200 precision dental machining center as implemented by Friedman Dentistry of Encino, CA - including the value to practicing Restorative Dentists & Prosthodontic Specialists.

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inPractice Solutions
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Highest Quality Restorations

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inPractice Restorative Example

Setting New Precision Standards for Your Practice

Expertly tuned CAD libraries, CAM machining templates, and machine accuracy within 5 microns means your dental restorations will have a consistent, precision fit you never thought possible—the first time. If a restoration ever needs to be replaced, it can be re-milled quickly at the touch of a button and at a cost savings of up to 90% compared to traditional laboratory fabrication.


Custom Implant Abutments

Coupling Axsys expertise with the quality and precision of Versamill technology to provide the most comprehensive abutment machining solution available. Producing restorations of superior quality and handling the widest variety of design characteristics - even those of extreme divergence.

  • Best possible restorative margins.
  • Most esthetic emergence profiles.
  • Sub-micron Ra subgingiva surface finishes
  • Best possible restorative margins
  • Perfect fits.
  • Minimum post-machining hard-work.


Bar Overdentures

Coupling Axsys expertise with the quality and precision of Versamill technology to produce multiple implant supported overdentures. Whether it be a partial or full arch rehabilitation overdentures, even those containing implants of severe divergence are easily produced with unmatched, off-the-machine quality and minimum hand-work.

  • Easily handle complex cases such as all-on-six restorations.
  • Highly divergent implants too.
  • High-quality appliance mating surfaces.
  • Precise retention locations.
  • Perfect fits.
  • Minimum post-machining hard-work.

inPractice Solutions

Right For Any Practice

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Choose your Solution

Based upon an OPEN, adaptable digital platform, all components of the inPractice portfolio can be combined to suit your current and expanding needs.

Based upon our many years of digital manufacturing experience, we have developed pre-configured packages designed to make the decision-making process as easy as possible. Each package is configured to meet your needs and includes the training and support you need so you can implement the latest in digital dental technology as quickly and as easily as possible.

inPractice Restore

For restorative dental practices, our inPractice Restore solution provides the ability to process a wide range of indications and dental materials. It is the most cost effective of the inPractice digital dentistry solutions.

It has the ability to fabricate models and restorations ranging from single-tooth crowns to full-arch rehabilitations from materials that include; zirconia, PMMA, lithium disilicate and more, there is nothing “entry-level” about inPractice Restore except the cost of the solution.

Practices requiring removable prosthesis can add an optional module to facilitate the creation of implant bridges and more from soft dental materials such as zirconia and PMMA.

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inPractice Restore+

At the heart of our inPractice Restore+ stands our Versamill 5X200 precision dental machining center designed to perform reliably with high-precision for the long term. Its class-leading 3Kw spindle, cast aluminum-alloy frame and rigid fixturing enable the Versamill 5X200 to process any dental material from zirconia and PMMA to delicate glass ceramics as well as hard metals such as titanium, cobalt-chrome and stainless steel quickly, with precision and quality that will astound both you and your patients.

With inPractice Restore+ you produce custom titanium abutments in as little as 18 minutes and install them within seconds of fabrication with unmatched off-the-machine quality and outstanding tissue response.

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inPractice Restore Premier

Our inPractice Premier Solution expands the capabilities of inPractice Restore+ to provide clinicians the ability to offer edentulous patients the safe, predictable placement of implants in order to retain a fixed or removable prosthesis from materials such as zirconia, titanium and cobalt-chrome.

Couple Axsys’ expertise with the quality and precision of Versamill technology and the Imetric L1i high-accuracy scanner to produce multiple implant-supported overdentures. Whether it be a partial or full-arch rehabilitation overdentures, even those containing implants of severe divergence are easily produced with unmatched, off-the-machine quality and minimum hand-work.

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Versamill in Action

Cobalt-chrome Bar Overdenture
PMMA Full Rehabilitation
Lithium Disilicate Crown
Titanium Custom Abutment

inPractice Digital Dental Solutions

Making the Difference

With inPractice, you can say goodbye to heavy margin reinforcement, chipped margins, excessive hand-work, scrapped units, frequent calibrations, fit problems, support headaches and many more pains associated with popular chair-side systems.

Patients appreciate technology and they expect quality care. They rely on you to deliver on the promise of digital dentistry. Implementing an inPractice solution in your practice will enable you to deliver on that promise with shorted fitting times, better fitting more aesthetic prostheses with greater anatomic detail. These happier patients will enable you to grow your practice while realizing greater profits.

Compare the Difference

Examine the superior results provided by inPractice and The Axsys Advantage on two glass-ceramic crowns produced from the same CAD model. The image on the right being made utilizing our inPractice solution with the Versamill 5X200.

Note the excessive fullness, thick margins and minimal occlusal detail of the competitive solution as compared to the thinner restoration with greater anatomic detail and superior restorative margin provided by inPractice.

What Our Clients Say

"The restorations are so accurate they reduce the delivery time by almost 50% which has a huge impact on us financially as well, because now the restorations don't need as many adjustments or refinements in order to complete the appointment."

Dr. Mark Friedman, DDS
Friedman Dentistry

"Axsys’ extensive manufacturing and CAD/CAM experience is unlike any other supplier or distributor of this technology. Nobody else can do what they do.”

Dr. Khaldoun Attar, DDS
Sun Dental & Dentures

"The expertise that the Axsys support staff has developed from working with other customers around the world is invaluable. This machine is allowing us to diversify the products that we offer, and to do that digitally,”

Steve Barron, RG
Noel Dental Laboratories

"Milling technologies are new in dentistry, applications are still being invented and the team helps create one-of-a-kind solutions for individual problems. I have called the Axsys team with problems, questions, and ideas almost weekly for the last year. They have yet to let me down with design issues, implementation, or any other issue. The substantial nature of this machine and the Axsys team is well worth the time and financial investment."

Robin D. Henderson, DMD, MS
Oklahoma Center for Implants & Periodontics

"You guys know your product inside and out, one of the main reasons I decided to work with Axsys. Any company can sell equipment and software but very few can truly support it. "

Brad Doherty, CDT
Chesapeake Crown & Bridge

Additional System Components

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